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It will touch on the romantic side but just like Oliver can’t really be available right now to her, I can’t really either and for other reasons. Unlike Oliver, I am in love with somebody else. Now I think it’s even more apparent to me because Iris is with Eddie. Seeing her with him makes me realize I don’t just have feelings of friendship. I have much deeper feelings.

Grant Gustin on Felicity’s involvement in episode four of The Flash (x)

Unlike Oliver.



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a hug for anyone who can guess one of my top 10 characters!

Hook, Emma Swan, Harvey Specter, Ollie (from Smallville), uhh… Donna? :P

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Anonymous: Olicity prompt: Olicity + Felicity wearing Roy's red hoodie. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Roy and Felicity burst through the doors of the foundry, entirely soaked from the heavy downpour.

Teeth chattering and shoes squeaking, they descend the stairs, Felicity gripping onto the railing for dear life as her heels are slippery from the rain. Roy grabs her hand by the wrist and helps her down the stairs.

Jesus,” he says, setting the bag of takeout down on the table and rubbing his arms. “It’s freezing down here.”

Felicity kicks off her shoes and goes over to turn the heat up, leaving a trail of water on the floor behind her. “It shouldn’t take long before this place is warm and toasty,” she tells him. She stays as far away as possible away from her computers, choosing to huddle on the floor near the cot instead.

"Where are the extra clothes we keep down here for emergencies?" Roy asks, peeling off his wet clothing.

"Under the stairs," she says. "Check the bins."  He finds his black tank top and a pair of jeans in the bin labeled as his, dressing quickly before grabbing a muscle tee and a pair of yoga pants from hers and bringing them over to her.

She opens her mouth to speak, but her teeth are chattering too much to form any words.

"Go put these on. Don’t worry, I won’t peek."

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Anonymous: Olicity prompt: Vampire!Oliver and vampire hunter!Felicity

Felicity climbs the stairs to her townhouse in the dead of the night, tripping on the top stair in her distraction. She digs in her pocket of her black leather pants for her keys and fumbles with it when inserting it into the lock, dropping it onto the floor twice before managing to unlock the door because her hands are shaking.

It’s not until the door is securely locked behind her that she allows herself to remember what happened that night. She looks down at her hands which are still trembling with the realization of what she has done.

She remembers how she wielded the crossbow, how she pulled the trigger and shot him—

She lets out a sound that’s in between a horrified gasp and a cry. How could I have done that? How could I… with my own bare hands… 

There’s a flicker of movement in her peripheral. She already knows who it is before she looks up. 

Oliver is standing in her living room and staring at her, as if he’s been there all along. There is an arrow lodged in his chest, just millimeters from his heart. She stares, wide eyed and horrified at the wound on his chest; the injury she put there. She came so close to killing him. 

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There will never be a day when I am not being tested by the Lord by this gorgeous man. 



When Arrow and Oliver Queen identities merge! 


When Arrow and Oliver Queen identities merge! 


↳ Day Six: Favourite land

Anonymous: Olicity prompt: Roy sees a lipstick stain on Oliver's shirt and gets angry when he refuses to wipe it off before Felicity sees it.

"Is that… lipstick on your collar?” Roy asks incredulously, staring at the collar of Oliver’s white dress shirt.

Oliver tosses his suit jacket over the back of Felicity’s chair in the foundry before turning to look at Roy. “Hmm?” he asks distractedly, dipping his chin down to look at his collar. There’s a faint red mark on the inner collar of his shirt. “Yeah, it does look like lipstick.”

He picks up his bow and arrows, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Roy is still staring at him.

"Well?" Roy prompts when Oliver refuses to acknowledge him.

"Well what?"

Roy makes a frustrated sound in his throat, and starts to think that maybe Oliver’s daft. “Aren’t you going to wipe it off?”

Oliver turns to look at him, frowning in confusion. “Why would I do that?”

"So that Felicity won’t see it!"

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title: I Never Thought I’d Feel This Way For You (But I Wouldn’t Have it Any Other Way)

category: Arrow

ship: Felicity/Oliver

overall rating: NC-17

summary: Oliver needs a ghost whisperer, but doesn’t want people to think he actually believes in ghosts. He accidentally discovers that an IT girl has the ability to communicate with ghosts, so he pretends to be interested in her and ends up falling for her.


"Oliver, what are we doing at the office?" Felicity asks him in confusion.

He doesn’t answer her, just pulling her along with him to the 34th floor.

"The finance department? Oliver, I—" she stops abruptly, digging her heel into the marble floor. She shrugs her hand out of his, scoffing at herself when the other shoe finally drops. "So this is why you pretended to want to date me, isn’t it? All the questions about ghosts earlier—it’s because you wanted me to check out Mr Steele’s new office."

"Felicity, I—"

"Oliver," she interrupts, "I would’ve helped you if you’d asked. You didn’t have to lie about liking me or about your willingness to be in a relationship with me." She swipes her cheeks with the backs of her hands, wiping away the angry tears. Scoffing at herself again, she laughs once at her stupidity. "I believed every word you said, like a fool."

He feels even worse than he expected to. It’s not just guilt he feels. There’s something more. He feels like there is a fist clenched around his heart. Every thump against his chest hurts. What was it that Diggle said? he thinks to himself. If your heart doesn’t tell you the truth, the pain will tell you. Oh dear God.

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